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Adult nutritional advice and services

On the Scales
Green Goodness

Child nutrition advice and support



Weight management services either individual or through group sessions.

Providing dietary analysis, weight and body composition monitoring and individualised diet plan to suit your needs and goals.


As we grow and develop our nutritional requirements alter, our tastes change and we may begin to feel less hungry or develop poorer appetites. There are many reasons you may feel you would benefit from some extra  support in improving your health outcomes. I can help by looking into your dietary habits, goals and any chronic health conditions and provide evidence based advice that will meet your needs.


If you are looking for healthy eating advice because you are wishing to make a change or you have a group interested in hearing how they can best improve their nutritional intake, get in touch and we can discuss individualised talks or presentations to support your goals or that of your group or buisness

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Infant nutritional support

Nutrition plays an important role in the growth and development in children prior to conception, into birth and beyond. The first 18 months of a child's development can impact their future in many ways. Good Nutrition is key to this.

If its support you need either before you conceive or whilst pregnant, or if you want some advice on the early years of a child nutritional needs get in touch...

Weaning Advice

Its a big mile stone and there is lots of conflicting information out there, but as with every adult, every child is an individual.

Get in touch and arrange for 1:1 consultations to provide advice around weaning that suits the needs of you child.

Have a group which would benefit from a talk or presentation, please let me know and I can provide a session to meet the needs of your group or class.. 

Support with the management of Fussy Eating Behaviour.

Sometimes families need a little extra support when their child restricts their food intake, this can happen for many reasons and requires a collaborative approach to ensuring these behavioural issues does not impact on their nutritional intake.

For advice and support get in touch and arrange a individualised consultation..


Corporate services

Nutrition Health Writing

Health promotion blogging and writing. Check out my weekly blog on issues in the news, effecting our daily lives or of up to-date scientific interest..

Services also available include

- Article writing for both print and online media

- Nutritional advice and fact checking for nutrition articles or online website material

Nutritional Education and presentations

Health promotion

Individualised presentations available for the workplace, community groups and sports teams. 

Staff CPD training

Staff training in the nutritional support for clients and residents of care and nursing homes.

Menu and Recipe Analysis 

Got a new product or planning a new menu and would like some support in the analysis for customer information or nutrition information labels, get in touch to discuss what I can do for your business..

All dietary analysis carried out using digital analytic software based on the latest UK food composition databases and reviewed by a registered health professional

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